Fin de fuera

31 10 2010

Leo’s family, like many, have a house in the pueblo. For work or other reasons they come to the city, but there is no money or no point in selling the pueblo house so they keep it. Lots of people have summer homes within 20 minutes of the city. I think it’s amazing that there are people out of work for up to 18 months who keep paying rent and looking for work in the city, even though it’s a 30minute drive and rent free in the pueblo!

Leo’s family however, don’t return much tot he pueblo because his Mum is sick. So the house it empty – which sounds to me like a weekend away plan.

Planning was a lesson in culture. I planned the whole thng, divvying up tasks fairly and everyone eemed fine until the week before when the murmurs started…

  • it’s just that we usually do a perol (BBQ)
  • we were hoping to do a paella but that will mean there is left overs and we don’t need dinner
  • normally we all meet together to buy the food
  • don’t you want to catch up this week to plan it?
  • will it be fair if everyone just cooks their food, wouldn’t it be better to put in money like usual…

So in the end I caved and happily let them take over and plan it the way it ‘always’ gets done. Only that means that instead of arriving friday to have a full day, people decided to go saturday – with the intention of getting up early  but that never happens! Shopping on the way and finally arriving by 3, at which point they started to put lunch on. We were eating about 5:30 which naturally meant we didn’t separate lunch from dinner, just as well because it was chops, steak and sausage. Someone had thoughtful bought enough for 1 salad – for the whole weekend. While there were litres and litres of cola, by the next day we’d run out of milk and bread (someone in the pueblo went without so we could have lunch) and there was no breakfast plan. We ate paella for lunch – around 5pm and managed to clean up ready to leave by 9. However all the food was delicious – you have to laugh!

But it was a great weekend hanging out together, playing Uno, going for walks, laughing loads and the blessing of good friends.

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