30 11 2010

On the way from the bus stop to my front door, Barcelona scored. I know that because I heard the shouting erupt around me from all sides. In every block there ‘s a bar, a café, a peña or just a guy in his house with pay TV. And they erupt. The next two blocks I was accompanied by ‘toma’ and grunts, as they hollered their way through 2 replays. By the time I reached my door I was gathering strength – to enter my Real Madrid supporting house. Because these are the big games.

Real Madrid V Barcelona.

Someone said: “it could have been worse”

I’m not sure how: 0 – 5 “Barcelona destroyed Real… Barca left Real with just enough life in it to walk its forced march of shame back to Madrid”

(Not) Visiting Peñarroya

26 11 2010

This feels like my home away from home, so I haven’t gone on any particular trip to visit the church but I’m there fairly often and I have gotten to know the people there and love the group and the town. There is only one other missio in the team and a bunch of people from the church. Amongst them are Johnny and Malit from Peru. Johnny is a great relationship builder. He plays soccer with an army of boys with whom he shares the gospel. He doesn’t have work n his profession and at some stage work might make a move necessary which would be a real loss to the church. You can pray he’s get something in the town and be able to keep at it here in Peñarroya..

Peter and Kate have been there for nearly 2 decades working away, raising 4 boys, and being faithful. The church is a great group who lives are being changed, with people of different skills. I have to get up there to ask Peter and Kate their thoughts but I imagine they have a strategy to exit over the next few years and an image of what needs to be in place beforehand.

That’s the grand question – when does a missionary pull out. A pastor is always trying to work themselves out of a job, but they do it without the plans to remove the need for the job – I guess to send other leaders out? To strengthen the leadership and grow the church, but unless we turn into non-missionaries, our plan here is to leave Spanish churches without missionaries.

So I’m keen to see what that looks like in Peñarroya.

A town, A Church. Together We Are Able

26 11 2010


This weekend is the 2ª Conference Missionary for the Evangelization of the province of Cordoba. Organized by the combined pastors of Córdoba (FRAMEC) and with the collaboration of the European Christian Mission (MCE), intends to motivate and to mobilize the churches afresh to evangelize the province of Córdoba, focusing on neighbourhoods and towns where the is still no evangelical witness.

But to do that, the churches of Córdoba, and not just the leaders, but everyone in the body, needs to be convinced that this message is worth sharing. Pray that over this weekend through faithful teaching and worshipping together, we’ll be taught, rebuked, corrected and trained in righteousness, so that together we’ll be thoroughly equipped for every good work – and particularly this work, that by 2015, in each neighborhood and town of more than 5,000 inhabitants there is a church where the gospel is preached.

Pray that we’ll be convinced of the power and the necessity of the gospel, that we’d be captured by God’s heart for the lost and that we’d be committed knowing that it’s worth spending time on when you are pushed as it is, and that it’s worth financing when you don’t have money, that it’s worth facing shame when no-one seems to listen.

Please pray for us over this weekend – and keep praying for the churches in Córdoba reaching their province, Spain and the world.

Visiting Cabra

12 11 2010

This is one of the first points of mission I’ve visited now that I’ve been given the orders to go-look-see… It’s not really a likely option for further ministry for me – for very good reasons, but it’s part of the IEMA family and it was great to get to know them. It was great to hang out with Rafi and Abel too – they’re awesome!

Rafi and Abel are working in Cabra. For those of you who know Brett and Ruth from Wollongong – this was their church. The church is going really well with people taking the strain of leaderships, being trained up, and its really at the point where the missionaries are not needed. Abel and Rafi have plans to ell the house and move to Alacala Real where Rafi’s Mum lives and where there are a few Christians, but no ‘church’ as such. To do that, they need to sell their house. In this climate, that would take a miracle – so go ahead and ask for one, and at the same time, praise God for a Spanish church standing strong with heart for mission.