Visiting Cabra

12 11 2010

This is one of the first points of mission I’ve visited now that I’ve been given the orders to go-look-see… It’s not really a likely option for further ministry for me – for very good reasons, but it’s part of the IEMA family and it was great to get to know them. It was great to hang out with Rafi and Abel too – they’re awesome!

Rafi and Abel are working in Cabra. For those of you who know Brett and Ruth from Wollongong – this was their church. The church is going really well with people taking the strain of leaderships, being trained up, and its really at the point where the missionaries are not needed. Abel and Rafi have plans to ell the house and move to Alacala Real where Rafi’s Mum lives and where there are a few Christians, but no ‘church’ as such. To do that, they need to sell their house. In this climate, that would take a miracle – so go ahead and ask for one, and at the same time, praise God for a Spanish church standing strong with heart for mission.



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