(Not) Visiting Peñarroya

26 11 2010

This feels like my home away from home, so I haven’t gone on any particular trip to visit the church but I’m there fairly often and I have gotten to know the people there and love the group and the town. There is only one other missio in the team and a bunch of people from the church. Amongst them are Johnny and Malit from Peru. Johnny is a great relationship builder. He plays soccer with an army of boys with whom he shares the gospel. He doesn’t have work n his profession and at some stage work might make a move necessary which would be a real loss to the church. You can pray he’s get something in the town and be able to keep at it here in Peñarroya..

Peter and Kate have been there for nearly 2 decades working away, raising 4 boys, and being faithful. The church is a great group who lives are being changed, with people of different skills. I have to get up there to ask Peter and Kate their thoughts but I imagine they have a strategy to exit over the next few years and an image of what needs to be in place beforehand.

That’s the grand question – when does a missionary pull out. A pastor is always trying to work themselves out of a job, but they do it without the plans to remove the need for the job – I guess to send other leaders out? To strengthen the leadership and grow the church, but unless we turn into non-missionaries, our plan here is to leave Spanish churches without missionaries.

So I’m keen to see what that looks like in Peñarroya.



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