Details, details

18 12 2010

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There are little things that I‘ve never bothered to do because there was always someone else to do them.  But this week I’ve had great fun tackling a new skill. With the help of  Google…

A few weeks ago I bought a pair of roller blades off eBay for 2.53. As it turns out, they aren’t the most comfortable blades in the world but the arrived with the wheels full of gunk and slow.

So I cleaned the ball-bearings. It’s a small task but I had immense fun learning how to do it. Detailed, meticulous work. So now the wheels spin fast – even though the boots aren’t to comfy and the straps don’t tie up. It was totally worth it., and now I’m looking for the next pair to buy and fix up.

The Full Story

8 12 2010

I watched this today – and cried. Cried for children who’s lives were ended when they were only beginning. Cried for the women who never got past what they did – and especially for those who aren’t aware of what haunts them. I cried for the Dads who never raised their children, for the brothers and sisters who never got to play with their sibling. Cried for my friends who long to have family, for people with full hearts that would have taken these kids on. For the medics whose practice goes against the oath to fight for life. For the people charged with making laws that are making test case legislation rather than making laws that protect their people.

I wondered how is it that I form part of this country that can’t see that it is killing it’s most vulnerable. How is it that I don’t know what decisions are made, that I’m so disinterested in keep them accountable. I don’t even know what the laws are in my state – who is pushing the agenda. Because it will come. So I’m going to get ready, get prepared and start praying now.