1 01 2011

Christmas this year, Adele came and visited on her way through from Morocco and we headed up to Pozoblanco for the weekend. I’d been looking out for an ‘english’ Chritmas (less a matter of food, more a matter of language) and had arranged to head to Delyths not realising that Victor, who works at the centre, would also be coming – nd speaks no english. Along with another from the US, we had a fantastic time mixing up the two and eating stacks.

We started the weekend with a huge dinner on the 24th with the church from Pozoblanco, and backed up for another huge feast on the 25th before taking a wander in the afternoon to a local castle and then out for a coffee. I don’t remember ever heading out on Christmas Day?!

Boxing Day (a non event here) Adele headed off to her next destination and we went to Peñarroya for a birthday lunch for another friend, before dinner drinks on the farm of the German missios. We topped the weekend off on the 27th with yet another brunch and friends over for lunch before I raced back to Córdoba just making it in time for the Christmas dinner we’d organised between the Córdoba crew. Packed but awesome!

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Then New Years I spent with the Pringle Family watching Lord of the Ring waiting for the clock strike to eat our 12 grapes (I had ben planning to head into the centre but it was pouring with rain), before heading off to church at 1:30 for the review that the youth group had put together.

Crashed around 4:30, so much earlier than the rest of the world, but I had to back up to a New Year’s Day lunch with Yoli and a mass of Paraguayans… Eating never ends!!!



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