Diario de le enferma

30 01 2011

Friday and Saturday I didn’t make it out of my room.

Sunday: Sick. Fu. Feel revolting. In bed

Monday: Cannot conceive of going to school. Calling to cancel.

Tuesday: OK. I can make it out of the house. Class – yes,More – no.

Wednesday: Waking myself up coughing endlessly. Just as well I have Max as a pillow.

In trouble because I didn’t go to the doctor. I don’t need paracetamol and I don’t need antibiotics. I’m drinking and resting. But apparently this is entirely wrong. I ought to be taking medicines and syrups.

(Edited 2 weeks later) still with the cough. No one here seems to have a concept of a post viral cough. Every day people seem surprised it hasn’t gone, and suggesting all kinds of remedies including garlic cloves and raw carrot mashed in heated milk!



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