Goodtimes in Granada

6 02 2011

I just got back home from a fantastic weekend away in Granada. Having been in all week with the flu and with a gross cough, the last thing I felt like doing with the weekend was heading out of town. But thursday, Delyth rang to say the youth from Peñarroya and Pozoblanco were heading to the snow for a day of tobogganing and a weekend away and they needed another paying body in the car to cover the petrol.

We headed off friday arvo with 2 vans and a carload – 5 of the guys, contacts of Johnny’s from soccer who were willing to spend the weekend with a bunch of Christians, and a sister of another girl. Within the first hour of the trip she’d asked directly if we were Christians and shared that she was interested starting some really good convos.

Int he hostel eating together, hanging out and playing games we got some good fun in before hitting the slopes on the saturday. We’d bought 2 plastic toboggans with us and the slope as with the park is free to enter, so it’s a good cheap days fun. Although at the end my feet were iced and the rest of me battered – I had a ball. I’d forgotten my sunnies, so I had to buy an extortionately expensive 6euro pair or cheap trashy 80s lenses which we all ended up sharing. (The army of Africans selling anything anywhere here are ingenious – and work so hard for so little).

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Saturday night we watch Pursuit of Happyness together, which is a great discussion starting movie.

Sunday with the local church before heading into glorious Granada for a walk around the lookout and historic neighbourhood in the sun.

Fantastic weekend away – best curer or ills and woes! Oh the bruise on my leg!!!!




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