3 Steps out the door…

9 02 2011

As I was walking out the door today to head to GBU – I thought, I’d better just give them a ring to check others are coming. I had got  head stat texting two of the guys in the morning to make sure it was on their agenda, but they hadn’t texted back. Over the last few weeks each of the students have been  a bit scarce and while I was out of town 1 week, the three others it’s been cancelled on the day within an hour before – so I was a bit surprised I didn’t get a call.

So no surprises when I rang and the student in charge said he couldn’t come – meeting up with his cousin – and hadn’t remembered to call. Listed the other who can’t make it, down to 2, and no study, cancelled.

GBU is falling out of the minds of the few students we have. One has been faithfully involved for 5 years and his time at uni is wining up while his other obligations grow heavier and heavier, with a new girlfriend in the mix. Another is finishing up to had to Germany next year on scholarship. A third has not really been there week in week out and getting to the end of his last year, it’s not about to take priority. None of these will return net year so it almost seems logical to let them drop the ball. Almost…

It’s hard to see the first years starting off on campus with all their energy and enthusiasm and within months be ringing in with ‘exam prep’ or ‘too much study’. If that’s how first year is – that doesn’t bode well for the next 5.

It’s never going to get easier for these students to et time aside to read the bible with others, pray together and try to reach the campus for Christ. And it certainly isn’t going to be easier in the work force with more time constraints, professional limits and pit responsibilities between home, work and family.

How many people have you met that have decided that if their course requires that

much of them, 5 years ‘out-of-the-picture’ then maybe it’s worth sacrificing that career for the sake of ministry. If you can’t be a student and a minister – will you ever be able to combine anything with ministry?

This is the question that bugs me tonight as I use my spare evening at home to find ways to contact the many students who are coming to campus and who may well want to read the bible. Now I’m praying for Christians who’ll be willing to pick up the opportunity…





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