Because I’m bad (I’m bad…)

14 02 2011

This week my Michael Jackson CD arrived! Dad and I had bought the CD while he was here and it was the backtrack for much of our journey but he was gong to mail it to me at the end of his finally week and while I received the rest, he must have left the MJ in the car because we never saw it again.

So I found it online and bought it for 3euros. I’ve been listening to it all week. Humming along on the bus, marching along to it and dancing through the halls. I had to laugh in the sermon on sunday when the pastor used Michael Jackson as an example in his sermon on Psalms 137 in a comparison as to whether we would compromise or sing only to God – compromise being represented by MJ. Mind you, in the same sermon I thought when talking of vengeance he suggest that we didn’t need to worry because God would bring the turkey… 1 small letter between ‘pavo’ and ‘pago’ – the pay/owed due…

Psalm 139 aside, I’ve grooving my way through the week, and now I’m waiting for Beatles 1!




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