Me doy por vencida

1 03 2011

Today I feel seriously stupid.

I bought the books to start studying for my license over 9 months ago. I started reading them 7 months ago. 5 months ago I’d worked up a fairly detailed set of notes on the rules. 3 months ago I had redone those notes. 2 months ago I recruited a friend to do the study with me, and last week he asked if I was ready to do the test yet, because he’d read the book and learnt it all. And on top of that I imagine that nearly everyone who is with me in prayer has prayed for this process.

Everyone keeps telling me, don’t learn the book, just do the practice tests – that’s ‘how it’s done’. Well I figured I’d do both to be doubly sure.

So have I progressed? Well yes – in a manner of speaking. You can get 10% wrong and pass – out of 30 questions, that’s three. I started getting about 6 out 30 wrong, now I’m up to 11 out of 30 wrong. And at this rate, in another 2 months I’ll be getting 20 out of 30 wrong.

Me doy por vencida 😦



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