Moving it all Around

5 03 2011

Last night at 12:30am when I was on my way to bed, I was hit with an attack of dissatisfaction and began to clean, and then reorder my room.

I’ve been living in the same room for 18 months (not an unusually big feat), with the furniture in the same place and the be facing the same way. I don’t think I’ve even lived in a room the same way for so long. As a kid I was aways drawing up diagrams and floor plans of how I was going to change my room (and the whole house if Mum’d just let me make a few improvements) and spending the weekend pushing around and realigning the furniture.

The other things is that this room just doesn’t fit. I have my whole life in the one 5 x 6 – and there isn’t the space. At the moment I have food stored on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf – my kitchen…my bed divides the middle of the room sectioning off a bedroom…and stashed away underneath is the library…a chair by the door serves as the lounge…the side of my cupboard doubles as a hall closet while the cupboard itself now holds only half the clothes because it turn out winter jackets are real thick and leave you no space for the rest…which ends up packed away in suitcases on top and finally…the computer and printer form my ‘study’ in the corner.

So last night, until 2 in the morning I cleaned and shifted furniture trying not to make a single sound or scrape since I live on the third floor of the building. Having said that, on finally finishing I lay down only to listen to the neighbour upstairs clomp and scrape around for the next half hour).

They say – a change is as good as a holiday!




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