Making the Move

6 06 2011


Leaving Córdoba, I said goodbye to the language school with the evening out at the Fería and a public debut of my Sevillanas (the local dance). The Sunday, was my last day in the Baptist church as my church. The focus of the day was a celebration and thanksgiving for the church building, inviting back the architect and with the previous minister telling the story of the nearly decade long project.  At the end of the meeting, Israel mentioned that it was my last day and asked me if I wanted to say anything. So I’m in the middle of thanking them, I step back, and literally put my here through a plastic covering on a power socket! A two our focus on the completion and blessing of the church building and I go breaking it in front of everyone!

In the evening I headed out with a bunch of friends for ice-cream and to say goodbye. Saturday morning I packed up nearly everything in my room, boxes piled to the ceiling… Monday, I said goodbye to Marina and Nicolas, the hardest part of the move. I am going to miss them sooo much! Then a friend came and loaded me and my stuff into a van to make the final move to Peñarroya.



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