Town life

8 06 2011
Today I joined Kate at her aerobics class. Eva, the instructor, is incredibly friendly and invited me to come play padel (like tennis) with some friends. She also suggested I come along to the 7 aside soccer team she trains when it starts up again next year. The class is 3 times a week and free – a great way to put some routine ad some exercise in my week… although I’m sure I will be feeling it tomorrow!

Then back home for a cuppa and a team meeting. The ‘team’ meeting is the 3 of us and mainly we chatted about the summer team that will be coming in July to help run an english club and do evangelism here in the tow. I’m so excited because (having a house by then), they’ll all be staying with me (a big slumber party 🙂 The team leader is Yuly, a great friend from Guatemala who arrived in Spain when I did and spent  year here in Peñarroya. She has been planning to come back long term (which I’d love – keeping the single girls strong!) but in the interim I’m heaps stoked to be catching up with her short term…

We finished the day with the second of the Church Bible studies before a quick trip to the video store. Apparently if you hire on Wednesdays you get two days because their day off is thursday… great to learn the tricks of the town!



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