Black Thursday

9 06 2011
This morning I helped out at the Ropero. This is the clothing exchange that the people of the church run. Townsfolk bring in their old or unwanted clothing and the church crew sort it out and hang it up to open the church on thursday mornings and afternoons. It’s a good contact point and also a witness in the town. It’s also a very practical way.

I was sitting working away at some English Club prep when the phone rang.

Our dear friend Yuly wont be coming to Peñarroya this summer. She fell from the roof of her house and passed away yesterday. It’s so hard to make sense of. I was so excited to learn from Yuly who has incredible gifting in teaching and connecting with people. Last year she made the decision not to marry a man she loved because she was sure of her calling to mission which he could not see supporting. She has such a great influence in the church here a leaves a huge legacy. It’s beyond processing that we spoke last week, that we have an evangelistic campaign in the planning – not to mention movie nights, pedicures, and trips to the pool… For someone for whom to live is Christ and to die is gain, she lived as Christ we’ve gained so much from knowing her.



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