End of week 1

12 06 2011

So a really tough week of the overwhelming, the inconceivable, with small glimpses of hope in a panorama of sadness. What a start!

The week ended up with youth group on friday night. I didn’t actually join in until supper at the end – needing a serious catchup on Skype and having got back after it started from looking at yet another house. But I was around when the food came out – (when am I not?!) And chatting away in the kitchen with the girls, all of whom I know to varying degrees, I got my snapshot of ‘my church chicks’ and glimpse of the fun we’re going to have growing together in Christ.

So after the initial shock of landing and the awful news of Yuly, by Saturday I was absolutely exhausted. I spent saturday afternoon putting together a presentation of photos of Yuly for church on Sunday. Being in it all day gave me no break and by sunday morning I was emotionally spent. Then we had church – and a bath of tears. It is really good to be here – to be able to encourage people and love them at a time when they are open and need care.

Sunday afternoon, I was invited to have coffee at the house of one of the young women in the church. It was the last thing I wanted to be doing – but in anycase, in the hot aro heat we trudged across town to her family’s home. It ended up a lovely relaxed few hours of laughing our way through family albums and getting family history 101 with a fair dose of humour 🙂



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