Rent: this one, that one, the other one, no one?

15 06 2011

After an exhausting weekend. Monday was a welcome relief. We went to aerobics but didn’t end up doing much since someone pulled a hamstring. Which gave me a good bit of time to practicing shooting hoops because it turn out I have absolutely no natural talent for the task.

More house hunting, more reorganising of my boxes to find bits and pieces that I didn’t think to leave easily accessible.

Tuesday and Wednesday we had bible study in the evening. Wednesday morning I turned up to aerobics, the only one there. So I ended up having a long chat with Eva, the instructor, about her impending english speaking exam… It would be great to get to know her better, have someone connected in the town, someone to burn off some energy with.

And in between whatever I’m running around doing, there is the thinking about which house, whether to wait or take what there is, what’s good enough, inexpensive enough, close enough, big enough… Thinking is tiring.

I fell in love with one of the first houses, which then came off the market. Some of the stuff we’ve seen is horrendous, one roof had fallen in, a few seem purpose built to store up the sun’s heat and many could just use a lick of the 21st century. Most are fairly highly priced for a pueblo and everyone knows someone who knows someone so there is a steady train of ‘last’ houses to check out before the decision is made.

There was also more time pressure because so many people were coming over July but each time I feel I should get on and make the decision, another potential house guest pulls out and I think is that encouragement to not rush into something… Do I wait? Do I just decide?

Today chatting with Peter, he is going through the same thing with a laptop. So we made a deal: I’ll rent the flat on offer, he’ll buy the computer he’s been umming and ahhing about and we’ll just trust God to work it out…




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