First time back to Córdoba

17 06 2011

So leaving town, the plan was a quick trip for lunch and the possibility of making up a painting class. Things never work out as planned. I shut the door to my room leaving PJs and toothbrush on the table – thinking there is time enough to catch up with everyone the next trip…

Actually the day started earlier with Jonny Knowlson’s 14th birthday. I set about introducing one of Australia’s finest traditions – the Birthday Bashes – before heading off on the morning bus.

I really felt like coming home, sighing with relief and familiarity as we came through the pass and saw the city sprawling across the horizon before us. That could have, however, had more to do with the fact that I started a 1:20 journey straight after 2 cups of tea…

I had planned to have lunch with the Pringles and Dobinsons (we’ve been meeting up fortnightly for a bit of english support, encouragement and prayer) since the Pringles leave on Wednesday. But down there I got co-opted into (very willingly) into an end of year concert, dinner with the Andersons and a bed overnight.

I saw Moriah and Jeannine display their music talent, learnt that words ‘love me, love me, say that you love me’ no longer come from the Cardigans but are ‘sooooo Justin Bieber’ and that you can trust Spaniards to make a long night even longer 🙂 We finished the night with dinner at the Andersons watching the kids crash one by one wherever they were standing from tiredness before I did the same on the couch.

In the morning, I caught up with ‘las Supernenas’ for breakfast before catching the bus back home. Marina and Nicolas weren’t in town, I randomly bumped into two other friends and missed my art class, all of which was a really encouraging reminder that while Córdoba is a big part of my world, I also have a lot of people there who’d be keen to keep me in their world… and that is so lovely, especially when I feel I’m a bit of a blow-in in Peñarroya.

My girlfriends have been particularly amazing following me up by phone and Facebook and I can’t be thankful enough for the gift they have been and keep on being. God has really given incredibly where I’ve had to leave things behind.



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