Youth group and a Baby Shower

19 06 2011

I got back up to Peñarroya in the morning to head out to Youth group in Pozoblanco, coming home with car loads of boys for Jonny’s slumber party on the landing outside my bedroom… and a pancake breakfast to kick off today.

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This arvo we have a baby shower for Jonny an Malitt, the couple who have just left the church and are expecting in the next month. We might be losing them to the other ECM church in Pozoblanco, but there is certainly no way we were losing the opportunity to have a baby shower – not a common tradition here or in England… so I’ve been come the resident expert of baby shower games. And yes – yet again we are doing the painful game of Guess the Mum’s Girth 😛



One response

20 06 2011

Hi Chloe!
It’s Heidi from Cumbo (1st year OT when you were in your final year of MTS (i think)- & now in my final year!)

So glad I stumbled across your blog through North Rocks’ church website!
It has been really encouraging to read about your journey in Spain- the joys and the hard times and how you keep persevering for the sake of the gospel and your love for the people.

Keep trusting our good God and shining for him.
Thanks for sharing
xox Heidi

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