Church, drop in style

4 09 2011

Church was great today. I arrived at 10 to find the chairs all set up and the musos practicing so instead I went to prepare the bread and wine.

When I popped out again to put them on the table at 20 past, the room was nearly full with people sitting in the rows singing along with the practice. Which made me wonder if the practice had in fact finished and I was missing church, which I thought started at 11. I had the same thought at 10:35 and again at 10:45. But sure enough, 10:58 the band stopped singing and we waited past 10:59 when Peter went to go fiddle with a mike stand and started pot on 11:01, half an hour after the majority had arrived and taken their seats. Apparently we are a very prompt church…
Half way through the service we had a special visitor. Lucas was born a month ago, a few weeks after his parents moved town and therefore church. Since their meeting is in the evening this week they came to visit. It was almost impossible to concentrate with all the cooing – and once again I am the firmest support of the mid meeting coffee break – if only to get all the coochi coos in before we sit down to hear the bible taught 🙂
Just as the sermon started, the son of one of the couples came in and joined us. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in church and his sister next to me was floored to see him there. So exciting! Our very friendly visitor, Rafa, came in towards the end with some loud greetings to everyone and took a seat for 5 minutes before he got up and took his leave of everyone leave of everyone, leaving a powerful scent of alcohol in his wake. And I love the way every is so genuinely happy to see him come, unfazed seeing relationship over interruption. I’ve previously seen people come to the side door and almost stop the meeting to ask for clothing or assistance. The whole church will respond (until someone gets up and steps outside to do it) and give a genuine welcome and then explain that this is when we get to meet together as church and they are mot welcome “and in fact why not come in and pass a moment with us?” A church that arrives almost an hour early but will have you if you come only for 5 minutes. Drop in church. I love it!