Today’s first timer

30 10 2011

Today we had a father of one of the girls from church come along. He’s a man who has lived a hard life, who has drunk hard liquor and been a hard husband and father. But several years ago he suffered a stroke which left him hemiplegic.

His wife became a Christian late in life and was only able to attend the church the weeks he spent sunday off on his allotment. She and her daughter now care for him and live out their witness in a house filled with Christian music and a steady flow of visitors from the church. A month or two ago, the women from the church all attended for afternoon tea and to pray for those living in the house, and Yuly used to visit regularly, a routine now taken up by Lety.

Yesterday when chatting about going to church, he apparently gestured ‘and me’. Unwilling to believe it would actually happen, this morning his wife and daughter didn’t assume anything until he again gestured ‘and me’ to going to church. So in the middle of the singing, the whole church stopped, open mouthed as they wheeled him in and he sat front and centre through his first ever church gathering. Such an incredible moment! Pray for this man, that in this Jar of Clay, God pours out the richness of His grace!



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