29 11 2011

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This last weekend I headed down to Málaga for Thanksgiving with the American Crew. Hans and Jennifer and kids from Arizona; Dan, Tara and Family from Port Angeles; and no idea where the Thorndikes come from…

These guys are all amazing cooks, so I didn’t every offer to do any more than chop veggies with detailed instructions, but I did my research and thanks to a funky toddlers craft webpage I came up with a Thanksgiving gift for everyone – with their ow fluffy Turkey tails.

Since I’m not doing the family Christmas this year – Thanksgiving was just what I needed: a huge family meal, kids everywhere, way too much food, inelegant sufficiency, parked on the couch before a wander down to the park to make space before the second shift of eating – Pie for everyone… coffee, tea and spending the afternoon into the evening with friends until you are all crashed out, only to get up the next morning and start on the left overs (and being in Málaga, a break from the cold!).

Sunday morning, a slow start to eggs and a cuppa before heading to the rumpus room for home church. Slice of heaven. By the time I headed back up the freeway the next day, I felt well and truly refueled, family time, hang time with really great people, good food and being loved. Ahh the holidays!



6 11 2011
Beastly (film)

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I watched the movie Beastly today. I was wondering if it wouldn’t be a good movie to watch with the youth group girls only some of their parents would be quite concerned with the content of a witch who casts a spell (I’m not sure how they feel about beauty and the beast…) But I thought it might be a good way in to talk about a lot of things.

The witch thing is a big deal here. I saw the second last Harry Potter incognito and people might very well have been praying for me over the fact.

The response from the other side of the fence is equally as interesting. Over the last weekend, we’ve had Halloween, and many have mentioned being laughed at for suggesting that ghouls and witches are offensive.

But I wonder why the general population isn’t more offended by the idea that intentionally allowing or causing suffering in another is good.

In some sense we are happy to see the validity of a witches curse which changes a beast to beauty through self realization – moving from as ‘aggressively ugly outside as you are inside’ to a diamond removed from the rough. We’re happy to see that in a measured space of 1 year, or until the petals fall, and only in the case of someone sadly lacking in self realization. But to suggest that the God of the universe might want something for us that will take us through hard times, that his purposes can and will be completed through agony, or that looking at the pain in the world He shouldn’t choose a more profound fix over an immediate one… To a world committed to seeking the lack of pain, and to a relevance that says you have no right to impinge on my life, that, is incredibly offensive.

Yet we’re all behind the witch. Why?  That (despite the fact we wont buy it) we long for someone to tell us that the surface is nothing more than superficial. Or because because we long for justice? Restoration? Self revelation?…The very same things we find through the incredibly involved and invested God who calls us to suffer.

Yellow Tractor…

3 11 2011

Today was the day of yellow. Pulling the clothing out of the bags to sort them, we kept coming across bright yellow. It started with a sundress that would be a metallic painted car to shame, and only got brighter from there.

But what really made the morning was Asun. All the yellow inspired her and she started singing “Tengo un Tractor Amarillo…” (Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrtwaVNplDw&feature=related)

Here’s Asun and her daughter, Monica, with two of our finds…

Solita pero con un casa bien limpita

2 11 2011

Today, I got a call from someone looking for a flat to share.

I’ve been pretty pessimistic about the possibility of finding someone since we are into november now. I have a flier in each of the schools and up at the hospital as well as an ad on the most commonly used internet page. But the only contacts I’ve had so far are two language assistants coming to work at the school from France and the States wanting to live with spanish speakers, and a guy who came to work in the bank.

It’s been a consistent prayer point – along with a friend, a friend from outside the church, within the town.

Today’s phone call came from a girl from Malaga who has just been given a 9 month post her in the high school. She came by to see the flat and seemed positive but there was also a spare flat next to a bunch of other teachers which she wanted to check out first.

While I waited for her response, I cleaned the house, even the second bathroom outside, scrubbed from top to bottom. I cleaned out half the shelves in the pantry, in the bathroom and the linen cupboard.

So while she rang back to say she’ll be living up near the school, I have a very clean house – neat and tidy. And maybe I have a new friend…