Culto Navideño – the Christmas Service

19 12 2011

We held the Christmas Service with the church in Pozoblanco, the sunday before Christmas.

I was a bit of a stress pot, having build the whole meeting around a series of readings off PowerPoint only to find out the day before that the set for the children;s drama had swollen to the point that it had swallowed up the screen. Nothing like a little last-minute fix it. But the readers did great. The kids did a classic drama about the meaning of Christmas while the teenage girls (and rope ins) did a Christmas dance complete with Santa hats and shimmy. The Youth did a musical representation of the Nativity story with arrangement an lyrics by Benjamin Knowlson…

  • Rapper angel announcing the birth of the Messiah
  • Before Mary and Jesus set off to the Tune of A Whole New World (An ideal donkey…)
  • Townsfolk singing along the Money, Money, Money that there was no space in town
  • Angels and Shepherds in a YMCA medley
  • Finished with a Black Eyed Peas sponsored celebration that history has changed forever. Very Clever!

After the meeting with had Christmas dinner with the 60odd people who came along, including the parents of 2 girls in the Youth Group who have never had anything to do with church, and travelled the 50 minutes from their town to be there.

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