Fun on the Puente

7 12 2011

We had two public holidays this week and then each of the young guys had at least 1 other day off during the week. The problem was that o one had the same day… So Monday, the Fuente Obejuna kids had school, Tuesday and Thursday – no-one, Wednesday and friday – the Peñarroya crew. It would have been a great opportunity to get away if we could have at least two days together… as it was we spent the Tuesday at the park and ate together before watching Home Alone. It all looks fairly autumn-like and running around I managed to get down to only three layers (one of the them thermal)…

I gave Ben the camera – his more artistic shots I left out because he deserves his own exposé of the ’20 most fascinating leaf studies’ to be followed by ’20 most fascinating bark studies’ and ’20 most fascinating studies of the nostrils’.

All dogs and children under 10 were adopted/kidnapped by the Young Guys for the day – it’s not ideal evangelism – but a step closer 🙂

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Decorate the Halls with…

5 12 2011

I decorated the flat with the few christmas decorations that cheered the room stacks – each from a  different corner of the globe, and had 2 trees! Living close to ‘Los Villares’ means a trek in autumn to collect the pinecones before the rangers come and clear all the fire hazard. Next year I think I’ll go looking for smaller ones 🙂

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Cafe y Algo Más

1 12 2011

The theme for this Christmas’s Cafe y Algo más was La Solitud, ‘loneliness’ and ‘Aloneness’. We had made each of the women a little felt flower, and gave each one the pieces to make another to give to someone who couldn’t come along. They put them together over coffee and Christmas sweets.

Three of the women from church shared their testimonies about periods of loneliness (without a Dad, having lost a child, as a widow) before Kate gave us a great presentation of the things that get in the way of relationships letting in loneliness, building a wall of boxes from each of the lies.

It was a really good afternoon with quite a few visitors visitors who only come along to the ‘Cafe y Algo Más nights – many of whom had said they weren’t coming then turned up after all..

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