ECM Christmas Party

3 01 2012

Each year we have an ECM Christmas party between Christmas Eve and Reyes on the 6th. This year with this that and the other, it was almost impossible to find a date, s instead we had a reduced version at the Knowlsons on the 2nd. It was meant to be a soup lunch – and I was pumped to pull out the Shrek soup and give it another burl. but we all got caught out with the same problem – 31 on saturday, 1st on sunday moves the holiday… so between us we had almost no food and no open shops. So it was a little of a re-jig and my leek and potato and frozen peas ended up in a concoction of Kate’s. The ever faithful spinach cob dip, without spinach or cob… But as always it was an awesome time of hanging out with our ECM family – great food, a wander to the park, loads of chatting: a recharge to start the year. This year, we had 2 special guests of honour, Jeannine and Moriah who were visiting from Málaga, spending a few days with me in the flat eating chocolate and watching chick flicks (Jane Austen marathon!).

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