Chill, Fog and a little too much heat

17 01 2012

So it’s been cold – real cold. Not as cold as other years – but inside this flat, with it’s big door sized windows and tiled floors, I wonder around with tights under my trackies and socks with slippers. I was a little ashamed in the face of so many impending guests.

So meet my new flatmate – Burnie (short for Bernardo).

While Burnie heats the flat – I have a hot water bottle that heats the bed. The other night I filled the water bottle a little too full and went to bed without a cover on it. I must have been really tired because normally if my foot strays to close, it jerks away. But in the middle of the night I became aware I’d gotten too close and in the morning I had one of those deep welts that come from sustained heat. So I left for my mini-break trekking on foot around the city with a blister.

Having said that, he days have been quite clear and sunny, so despite the fact that it’s an icebox in the flat, when you hit the street we’ve had glorious weather! But the fog settles in during the night and doesn’t lift till around 11am so often I jump in my car to head through an hour of cloud. And that with buses and trucks doing 110 in a 90 zone, overtaking in 1 lane each way.



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