Barcelona (1)

29 01 2012

Naomi and I talked about heading the Barcelona the whole time she was here – a year ago on a 12 months short-term. This last year she’s been in France so we found a few days to hit Barcelona together.

I got up early, drove to Córdoba, caught the train to Córdoba, the bus to the airport in time to sit in the plane on the tarmac for an hour. Naomi didn’t have much better luck, arriving at the hostel to find out that the guy couldn’t be there to let us in until 7:20.

But in the end it all worked out really well. Nomes me a great American girl, also locked out and they passed the hours in a little bar around the corner where I arrived 20 minutes before they let us in. And for that small setback they gave us a 20% discount on our stay! So well on track for an awesome weekend.

We wandered around for some dinner before the American girls, friend came in from Madrid and bought some basics for the little kitchen. The accommodation was a 4 bedroom flat, three for rent and the fourth for the guys who keeps the place in order, a lovely chatty  Columbian John Leguizamo look-alike studying sports psychology. It was really central and very relaxed – the perfect accommodation.

Over the ext few days we wandered about Barcelona in a semi planned meander and unearthing unexpected highlights. We ate at a fantastic crepe cafe – the size of a shoebox, stumbled across a free Lomography workshop and met some fantastic people. Travelling with Naomi is awesome because afterwards you have such good photos! Check them out 😛

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