There once was a girl from a family of three

She had curls and two brothers and lived in Pamela St.

She grew but her brothers grew faster and taller

And now in a crowd, she looks rather smaller.


She started at Sunday school long long ago

She knew Jesus loved her and in him she grew

Her mother grew later into a strong faithful server

And it’s the one thing she wishes most for her father.


At school she hung with the Christian crowd

At uni she learnt to speak her faith out aloud

She loved to travel and visit far off places,

and slowly God showed her that this was His harvest.


She’s a gym coach, telemarketer and a ballon artist

As a barista she made the coffee the fastest

Next, in social work, she lasted four years

That’s twice the time of most of her peers!


But knowing she needed to know God’s word more

She went to college (SMBC not Moore)

For two year she studied God’s word every day

(An incredible blessing, I must stop and say!)


At Carlo she trained with the MTS team

Churching at North Rocks and with 5pm

At Cumbo she got to see students take off

As they wrestled with how they should live for our God


Putting all of the things she’s learnt over the years

Together as she ministered alongside her peers.

Convinced that the gospel is what people need,

Her focus has turned to those overseas


With all of these blessings and so many resources

Colleges, uni-ministries and bible based churches

She’s looking to Spain were the witnesses are few

And a lifetime of mission is the future in view


By living a life that show Jesus is Lord

And helping people find Him by reading his word,

Her prayer is to see the Spanish church grow

And you can partner with her as she goes…!

One response

31 10 2009
Kathy Govender

That’s precious! We’re thrilled to be partnering with you.
Rest in the Lord….
Pooven & Kathy Govender

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