Who needs to know?

26 02 2011

Uggghhh! I’m struggling today. There is something happening in a weekend or two that  had no idea about until yesterday and that totally throws out all my plans. It’s just another example of this frustrating lack of information that I often struggle with her in the church life in Córdoba.

The other week, after being here 18months in Córdoba and in the youth group a year, I found out that fortnightly there is a prayer meeting of all the youth. And I found out the week before last. Admittedly, it may have been mentioned in my first month here – but  have’t heard of it since.

Sometimes this lack of communication is because everyone just knows. And I guess the naturally way to find out doesn’t quite work for me because I’m coming in kind of sideways. Partly Marina assures me that the combined churches just hadn’t pinned down a date until a week ago

But I was really hurt and frustrated about this last piece of news because I’m in a fairly difficult situation now. But it’s more than that, I’m in a cultural clash.

For me, Information is a matter of care. For me, to keep someone informed says a lot of things… it says

  • you are important (you in the inner circle),
  • we want you there’
  • I respect your time (as it needs to be planned).
  • I respect you

And as information for me is matter of care, and I feel uncared for in it’s absence. When information doesn’t reach me, I feel outside the loop, disconnected, unimportant, forgotten, put out and life is difficult to plan.

But this is to read my culture into the culture here at least amongst those in my church. The people around me don’t seem to feel the same way. Preplanning is unnecessary. In the church things happen more or less the same way from year to year and the differences don’t seem to complicate life.

Oh – to learn!!!!!

Learning Lessons

10 02 2011

Following yesterday’ non meeting I am reminded that this is what Spain is like. The steps are small, he obvious fruit are few and the road is long. It’ funny how quickly fall into using the measures of the ministries I’ve been in.

I’m reminded that ministry may just be hard – the ground might very well be dry – and the results may just be very few. But I’m going to learn a lot about being Faithful here in Spain.