Is English Your Second Language?

7 03 2010

BJ had a friend he practices language with. Juan is learning English and when he met BJ’s wife and later, Tiffany, he pronounced that they both spoke English very well. Quite comforting for them both – since they’re American. I’m still waiting to hear the verdict after he met Andrew, a friend from OZ. But I don’t think I want his verdict on me. I’m the first Australian a lot of the people I’ve chatted have met. And I’m not sure I’m selling us all that well.

I was chatting to someone in English, to a girl who has been studying English for quite a while and is fairly fluent. But after talking to me for a while, she asked what language we normally speak in Australia. When I explained it was English, she asked if it was the main language or if there was another language I spoke at home. It’s the first time I’ve been asked if I come from a Non-English speaking background, and quite disconcerting. I know we sound a little different but really???