7 02 2011

Today I made my first batch of pisto. I think this is roughly the recipe but I’ll fix it up the next time I do it…

OK, so Main ingredients:

  • Green peppers
  • tomate frito salsa (it’s a crushed tomato sauce in a jar with the ingredients: sunflower oil, sugar…)

I chopper up about 600g or green capsicums and fried them up in about 1/2cm of virgin olive oil on a medium heat stirring occasionally till they’d softened (without getting sidetracked checking emails 🙂

Then added 2 generous pinches of salt and a few (3) cloves of garlic crushed with a tablespoonish of cummin seeds.

All together with the tomato sauce (about the same about as the capsicum – 600g) on a slow bubbling heat stirring occasionally until ready.

Great on bread 🙂